Praxis II - Prep for The Praxis 2 Exam

This website is designed for soon to be teachers for Praxis 2. Praxis 2 Subject Assessments tests subject knowledge of individuals preparing to become a teacher. Passing this test is mandatory for teachers in the most US states who are required to work in public schools. In here you will find praxis 2 study guides, test locations, subject content knowledge test information and other helpfull resources for teachers.

The actual test is paper-based and administered at predetermined dates at designated locations. It's highly recommended to take content knowledge test one semester prior to student teaching.

Are you doubting yourself that you will not have enough time in the course of the day to squeeze in a Praxis test practice session? Then you are not the only one out of many educators! More future test takers have expressed they do not have enough time to fit practicing for praxis 2 test. Let alone take the test itself and pass, face it, our busy lives keep us from studying the tests. Between family, career and schoolwork, the thought of spending just an hour on Praxis 2 can seem overkill. Don't worry you do not have to quit your job to find the time for Praxis exam. You just need these killer time management tips under your belt!


Divide Your Praxis Practice Into Manageable Pieces

Think that you will only get the practice you need if you schedule one long session? Don't even think about this! In fact, you will be surprised at how much Praxis test practice you can fit in throughout a day if you study it in small pieces. It just all depends on how flexible you are with your study plans. For example, you could wake up in the morning to get some early morning Praxis practice, or take your full hour at lunch to review test taking strategies and theories. Do you commute to work on a bus or any other vehicle? If so, grab your study guide and start studying! Note, it is not the quantity of time spent that makes a Praxis exam time spent so valuable it's how well you study it and the quality of the practice.