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Schefter denies carrying water when reporting on players like Deshaun Watson, Dalvin Cook

Sometimes, too fast. There’s no denying Adam Schefter’s success, primarily when it comes to reporting on trades, signings, and other moves five minutes before those moves are announced to the

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How gut microbes can evolve and become dangerous

Gut microbes have been linked to both good health and the promotion of diseases such as autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, metabolic syndrome, and even neuropsychiatric disorders. One popular explanation

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Israel to boost Asia flights when Saudi Arabia opens airspace

Israeli airlines plan to expand and open new routes to India and other Asian destinations after Saudi Arabia announced it would allow unfettered access to its airspace, a move that

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Twitter Hits Back at Musk, Suing to Force $44 Billion Buyout

Twitter Inc. sued Elon Musk over his abandoned $44 billion takeover bid, accusing the billionaire of having buyer’s remorse after his fortune declined. Lawyers for Twitter told a Delaware judge

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McDonald’s Owner Closes for Renovations – But Keeps Paying All Employees For 3 Months

A 90-year-old owner of multiple McDonald’s franchises has done an extraordinary good deed for his employees, who were at risk of losing their livelihoods. When news broke that Tony Philiou

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