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  • 1000 Days delicious bread recipes so you can find your favorites and perfect them
  • With the Bread Machine Cookbook for Beginners, even the most amateur bakers will learn how to cook a number of different types of bread to impress their families and guests.


Now you can make your own homemade bread just like your mother did when you were a child – but with a fraction of the effort.
Thanks to the masterpiece that is a bread machine, you can bake the perfect loaf of bread every single time.

With this guide propped up on your kitchen counter, you will:
● Have simple step-by-step instructions to cook hundreds of recipes in your bread machine
● Impress your family and friends with your new homemade loaves of bread
● Never show up empty-handed to a friend or family member’s home or event
● Save time and money using the bread machine for baking your own loaves of bread
● Feel less responsible about eating bread knowing you used natural ingredients free of preservatives and chemicals
● And Much More!
No longer do you have to settle for buying a plastic-wrapped loaf of bread from the supermarket when you can whip up your own right at home.
Just imagine that slice of butter melting on a warm, freshly cut piece of bread that has just come out of the oven. You’re probably drooling just thinking about it.