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  • In this book, you will learn everything about homemade bread, how to knead it, how to bake it, which ingredients you need and the tools required for being successful in this old ritual, started by humans thousands of years ago.
  • Learn the steps and have a variety of recipes from around the globe to bake fresh, and delicious bread at home 


In Homemade Bread by Collins you will learn:

  • How to bake bread at home
  • Benefits of bread and relevance of high-quality bread for your well being
  • How to approach homemade bread and how to successfully bake it in your kitchen’s oven
  • Main differences between homemade artisan bread and industrial bread
  • 50 recipes for homemade artisan bread.

This cookbook contains all the information on how to create amazing homemade bread, regardless of whether you are a beginner or already an expert in sourdough art.

Baking bread at home brings together family and friends and will allow you to taste the real flavor and smell the real aromas of freshly baked bread, with crunchy crusts, softness, and richness given by the slow yeasting process and the love that, straight from your hands, goes to the dough.