Stuff that matters


  • You will learn how sensor size and lens selection affect image quality more than any other factors.
  • Whether You are New to Photography,making the transition from Film to Digital Photography, or just want to improve your skills, this book will save you TIME and MONEY!


Many people are walking around with expensive cameras that they barely know how to use and others are missing great photo opportunities because they have been misinformed by well-meaning friends.

This book is based on the premise that a solid understanding of photographic equipment results in a faster learning curve and better photos. The technology is actually quite simple when it is broken down and clearly explained.

Without an understanding of cameras, you are at the mercy of others in all your buying decisions. You will only scratch the surface of your camera’s capabilities until you take on its manual settings.

You need to read this book because:

  • It will take the confusion out of Photographic terminology by clearly defining every important term used.
  • Your learning will be enhanced by 120 charts and photos that will simplify discussions and help you to remember what you learned.